Voices of the victims


Curated by Karola Fings

»Ich bin hier seit mehr als fünf Monaten interniert«

Solo Caroli | »Ich bin hier seit mehr als fünf Monaten interniert« | self-evidence | Belgium (under German military administration) | March 26, 1943 | voi_00010 Rights held by: Solo Caroli | Provided by: State Archives of Belgium (Brussels/Belgium) | Archived under: Ministry of Justice / Public Safety / Immigration Police / Dossier Caroli/Karoli Zolo / 7 203 688 / pp. 151–53

Here you can hear the voices of those persecuted under Nationalist Socialism as Roma, Sinti, Kalderash, Lalleri, Lovari, Manouches or as members of any other Romani-speaking groups. Between 1933 and 1945, hundreds of thousands were subjected to racist stigmatisation, violence and murder crimes in the German Reich and the countries it had occupied or which were collaborating with it. The various measures ranged from special laws, regulations on identification markings, bans on exercising professions and attending school, racist registration, prohibition on marriage and forced divorce, forced sterilisation and forced labour, ghettoisation, concentration camp imprisonment, medical experiments, deportations, massacres, shootings and murder in mobile gas vans or in gas chambers.