Roma, Romni (Sg. m. romni, Pl. next to roma also rom; Sg. f. romni, Pl. romnija; translated: "Mensch", "man") designates all members of the Romanes-speaking groups with a Romanes word. In 1971, the first World Congress of the international civil rights movement of the Roma in London decided to replace the foreign term "Gypsy", which had previously been customary in English-speaking countries, as the overall term for members of the minority with the proper term "Roma". On the recommendation of its Language Commission, the International Roma Union (IRU) adopted the resolution. The second international umbrella organisation of Roma organisations, the Roma National Congress (RNC), today also uses the term "Roma" as a collective term for the minority divided into numerous sub-groups (such as Spanish "Calé", Hungarian "Gabor", Eastern European, Scandinavian, American "Kalderash", "Lalleri", "Lovara", "Sinti").

(c) Karola Fings/Ulrich F. Opfermann 2018

a) "Roma", "Sinti/Manush", "Calé", "Kaale", "Romanichals", "Boyash/Rudari";
b) Balkans: "Egyptians" and "Ashkali";
c) Eastern groups: "Dom", "Lom" and "Abdal"; and, on the other hand, groups such as "Travellers", "Yenish", and the populations designated under the administrative term "Gens du voyage", as well as persons who identify themselves as "Gypsies".

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