• ‘The “Roma Art label” could become a really important way of reclaiming our practice, reclaiming our art history, reclaiming our culture.’

    Ethel Brooks
  • ‘We need to decolonise existing knowledges and start writing Roma history with Roma voices.’

    ​​​​​​​Timea Junghaus
  • ‘You cannot fight racism without making reference to history and arts.’

    Nicoleta Bitu
  • ‘People forget that there are many kinds of Roma music that don’t fit common stereotypes at all.’

    Petra Gelbart
  • ‘It is a basic human right to have access to your own culture.’

    Timea Junghaus
  • ‘Roma women activists are fighting very strongly for the rights of the Roma people as a whole.’

    Anna Mirga-Kruszelicka
  • ‘Resistance remains a recurring element across the Roma aesthetic.’

    Daniel Baker
  • ‘As a historian I hope that we show the most objective picture possible of ourselves, because our history is beautiful the way it really is, even though it has been difficult.’

    Jana Horváthová