Curated by Katalin Bársony

Different Angle - The RomArchive Film Section in the making

Katalin Bársony | Different Angle - The RomArchive Film Section in the making | Non Fiction | Hungary | 2018-02 | fil_00655 Rights held by: Katalin Bársony | Licensed by: Romedia Foundation | Licensed under: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 International | Provided by: Romedia Foundation (Budapest/Hungary)

In the last few decades, Romani self-representation in films has become more frequent. Not only are Romani directors, producers and writers engaged in various film genres, but the quality of their films has also been acclaimed by international awards in film festivals. There are thirty-five films in the RomArchive (with an additional thirty-five works accessible via the internal archive), in conjunction with biographies of the directors and synopses adapted to the concept of the film section. The films were selected based on how closely they achieved the portrayal of Roma communities and Roma characters, and on whether they understand the culture, language, traditions, myths and everyday living conditions of Roma. The film collection is divided into three (interconnected) categories: ‘Roots’, ‘Roles’ and ‘Breaking with the Past/Revolution’.