Archive Sections and Curators

The archive sections are curated exemplary collections. An international team of 14 curators determined the content of the archive and selected artistic contributions for the archive sections Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Theatre and Drama, Visual Arts and the interdisciplinary section Flamenco, as well as material on Politics of Photography, first-person testimonies related to the persecution of the Roma under the Nazi regime (Voices of the Victims), and scholarly material on the Romani Civil Rights Movement.

Visual Arts

Tímea Junghaus, art historian and curator (Hungary)


Katalin Bársony, filmmaker (Hungary)


Dr Beate Eder-Jordan, literary theorist (Austria)


Dr Petra Gelbart, musician and music anthropologist (Czech Republic/USA)


Isaac Blake, dancer and choreograph (UK)

Theatre and Drama

Dragan Ristić, culture manager, theatre producer, musician (Serbia)

Miguel Angel Vargas (co-curator), art historian, theatre director, actor, musician (Spain)

Interdisciplinary Section Flamenco

Gonzalo Montaño Peña, musicologist (Spain)

Politics of Photography

André Raatzsch, media artist and theorist (Germany)

Civil Rights Movement of Sinti and Roma

Dr Thomas Acton, Sociologist (UK)

Dr Angéla Kóczé, Sociologist (Hungary)

Dr Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Anthropologist and Roma activist (Poland)

Dr Jan Selling, Historian (Sweden)

Holocaust “Voices of the Victims”

Dr. Karola Fings, Historian (Germany)