Petya Nakova was born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She holds a master’s degree in machine engineering, and in 2010 she went on to graduate from New Bulgarian University with a degree in film direction.

Nakova worked as a scriptwriter for a television talk show that was dedicated to the themes of freedom and human rights. Moreover, she has directed short films and was the second assistant director for a Bulgarian TV series.

Currently, Nakova is a freelance author whose articles have been published in various specialist magazines and newspapers. In 2012, the Iztok-Zapad publishing house brought out her first book, The Preacher and the Black Horse, which describes the life of a Protestant pastor during the communist period.

In 2013, Petya, in co-authorship with Pehlivanova, Nina, made the film Roma Quixote, which was loosely based on her recent book. She is currently working on a Bulgarian TV series, a comedy/drama called Stolichani v Poveche.


Filmography / Awards

2007 Marathon

2008 Silence Stories, awarded funding in a competition by; first performance at the 13th Salon of Arts in the National Palace of Culture; first prize at the annual NBU festival

2010 Where Is Ivancho, awarded funding in a competition by Workshop for Citizens’ Initiatives

2010 Word Spare

2013 Roma Quixote

2017 Talk to Me