Viliam Poltikovič was born in 1958 in Znojmo, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). He studied at the Film and TV School of Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts (known as FAMU) in the documentary production department between 1979 and 1984.

He produces documentaries for both TV and cinema. His films are about the Romani people (Amaro drom in 1984, The Separate Company in 1988, Pickaxe and Violin in 1988, Andr’oda taboris in 1990, Romfest ’90 in 1990, The Resettlement in 1992 and The Romany King in 2009) as well as about healing and the activities of various spiritual groups. As a frequent traveller, he documents his experiences of spiritual practices from around the world and the results have been shown at numerous screenings.

Poltikovič is also active as a freelance cameraman, photographer and book author. With over 150 films to his name, many have won prizes and been selected for inclusion at many international film festivals, such as Cannes, Moscow, Karlovy Vary, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Bratislava, Göttingen, Barcelona, Vienna, Belgrade and Prague.


Filmography / Awards (selected films)

1984 Amaro Drom

1988 The Separate Company

1988 Pickaxe and Violin

1990 Andr´oda taboris

1990 Romfest ´90

1990 Apostle of Faith, Hope and Love Festival in Bolzano, Italy

1990 The Possibilities of Psychotronics

1991 Yoga in Daily Life, Mozart in Prague

1992 The Resettlement

Main award at Etnofilm Čadca 1992

Award of the jury in Göttingen, Germany 1993

1992 Mysterious Gamelanland

1993 The Soul of The East – seven part series from India
Czech Literary Fund prize

1993 Traditional Chinese Medicine

1994 The Motives from Thailand – four part series
Festival in Paris

1994 The Power of Mind

1995 Jah love forever Festival in Prague

1996 The Dalai Lama Birthday Wishes, Emaho
Festival in Prague

1997 Karmapa – Two Ways of Divinity
Awarded in Barcelona, Spain and Vienna, Austria
Festival in Amsterdam and Prague

1997 Ashin and Mandala

1998 The Memories of The Mystic – fifteen part series, Thailand: The Country of Buddhism

1999 Sarvamangalam
Festival in Čadca Slovakia

1999 Between The Muslims of Sudan

2000 How is The Life of The Vegetarians
Diploma at festival in Nitra Slovakia, festival in Brno

2000 Two Helenas

2001 A Drop from The Cup of Immortality

Grand Prix in festival Belgrade

Award in Ústí nad Orlicí and in Čadca Slovakia

Diploma of Unesco in Ohrid Macedonia

2011 The Light of The Rainbow

2002 Philippines: With The Smell of Blood, USA: The Hawaii Paradise

2003 Bhutan: The Last Fairy-tale Kingdom, The Heritage of Mother Teresa

2004 The Circle to be Reborn Within

Grand Prix Ekofilm Český Krumlov

2005 Bali: Between gods and demons

2006 Touching the Other Shore

Best Screenplay ECO Ohrid Macedonia

Award of Český Krumlov City, Ekofilm 2007

2006 Sumba: The Island of Spirits, Invisible Worlds

2007 The Russian ancestry school

2008 Crop Circles, Golem

2009 The Romany King

2010 When the Stone Speaks