Film historian, cultural researcher, senior lecturer at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, expert for the Film Section.

Andrea Pócsik is a senior lecturer at Pázmány Péter Catholic Universityin the Media Studies department. Her main research areas are new film history, documentary/anthropological film and theory, cultural studies, Romani studies (Roma representation) and media archaeology. Her most recent research – on Roma representation in film and media – is based on an interdisciplinary approach. Its results were published in 2017 in a book titled Àtkelések: A romaképkészités (an)archeológiája [Passing – the (An)archaeology of Roma Image Making]. Her academic activities are devoted to the purposes of cultivating committed scholarship and building cultural resistance, working out new methods of teaching film in higher education, and media and cultural studies. In 2011 she founded Roma Visual Lab, and she has been active as a film curator for many film events and as an academic expert for RomArchive.