Árpád Bogdán was born in Nagykanizsa, Hungary, in 1976. Having completed his studies in Romology and Education at the University of Pécs, he became an actor and stage director. He is also a painter and has published several works of poetry. He made the experimental films Útvesztőben (Labyrinth) in 2002 and Ütem és Forgalom (Rhythm and Notion) in 2003. As a director and writer, he is well known for the 2007 feature film Boldog új élet (Happy New Life). Árpád’s Roma origins mean that the minority question is as important within his work as issues concerning social outcasts, orphans and the alienated. His feature film received a special mention from the Berlinale’s Panorama jury in 2007, was shown in Toronto and Karlovy Vary, and won several awards in Europe. His recent projects include Gettó Balboa (Ghetto Balboa), A halottlátó (The Deadseer) and Genezis (Genesis), all made in 2017.



Filmography / Awards

2002 Útvesztőben (Labyrinth) (experimental film for theatre performance)

2003 Ütem és Forgalom (Rhythm and Notion) (experimental film for theatre performance)

2007 Boldog új élet (Happy New Life),
Berlin International Film Festival, Special Mention, Panorama
Nomination for Grand Prix, Bratislava International Film Festival
Budapest Hungarian Film Week: Simo Sándor Prize for the Best First Film
Best Original Music: Membran Best Producer: Gábor Sipos, Gábor Rajna (Laokoon Film)
Student Judge: Best Original Music, Best First Film, Geneva Cinéma Tuot Ecran: Reflet d’Or (Best Director Prize), Pécs – Moveast International Film Festival: Honorary Mention for the film’s excellent visuals

2017 Genezis

2017 Gettó Balboa (Ghetto Balboa)

2017 A halottlátó (The Deadseer)