Rusanienko Petro Petrovich was born in 1994 in the town of Kurakhovo, which is located in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. After graduating from high school, from 2010 to 2014 he attended the Donetsk Transport and Economics College, where he specialised as an automotive and engine mechanic technician. The war in eastern Ukraine forced him to move to Kiev, where he studied at the Kiev National Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, specialising as a TV and cinema actor in the theatrical faculty.

Petrovich’s own interest in the Roma community has led to his involvement in public activities since 2014: he attends training sessions, forums and conferences aimed at protecting the Roma people. In 2016, he received the prestigious Roma Education Foundation scholarship, when his project received support from the International Vidrodzhennya Foundation within the framework of tenders announced for project activities. In the same year he founded the production studio SightFilm Production, and has since then diligently and creatively pursued his social activities. When he started working for the Roma radio station Chiriklo he became its ‘voice’. He has also made an advocacy video aimed at combating the spread of Roma in universities and institutes.

Thanks to the support of the Vidrodzhennya Foundation, in 2017 he made a short film called Pamyataty (Remember), which touches upon the theme of the Roma genocide during World War II. He has also been actively involved in several theatre productions.


2016 Pamyataty (Remember)