Vera Lacková is a Romani filmmaker who graduated with a degree in media and journalism from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. During her studies, she was involved in the documentary film project Europe: a Homeland for the Roma, for which she shot the documentary Because There Is Hope in 2014. Vera also directed the documentary film By Thoughts We Are Still There, which focuses on the stories of Jewish and Roma survivors of the Holocaust. In 2015, she founded her own production company called Media Voice.

Through her film productions, she gives a voice to the unheard stories of Roma, fights against stereotypes and tackles discrimination. Her last movie, Alica, was shot in 2015. Nowadays, Vera helps NGOs to publicise their social projects by creating promotional videos, and in 2017 she is developing her next documentary film, The Roots, in which she plans to explore the story of Roma people during World War II in Slovakia.


2014 By Thoughts We Are Still There

2014 Because There Is Hope

2015 Alica