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Further Selection of Films in the RomArchive Film Section

Research on this section of the archive began in 2016. The first step was to identify and approach professional filmmakers and archives in Europe, as well as Roma organisations and actors involved in similar projects. Our aim in the preparatory phase was to find high-quality films which were about and created by Roma. The diverse collection of films that was compiled was then ranked and contextualised by both Romani and non-Romani experts, scholars and film historians.

Following this, our research focused on examples of representational change in four geographical regions: North America and Western Europe, Northern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and Southern Europe. We were able to include new and undiscovered treasures of Romani culture, made by both Romani and non-Romani directors. Many of these films were unknown to a wider audience, and so integrating them into our research allowed us to remove them from their isolated contexts.

For more information on methodology, please see the following video Different Angle - The RomArchive Film Section in the making:

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The following shortlist completes the external presentation of the Film Section, which has been driven by similar selection criteria:

Aferim! (dir. Radu Jude, 2015, Romania/Bulgaria/Czech Republic)

A House for Bernarda Alba (dir. Lidia Peralta Garcia, 2011, Spain)

Amaro drom (dir. Viliam Poltikovič, 1984, Czech Republic)

And-Ek Ghes... (dir. Philip Scheffner, Colorado Velcu, 2016, Germany)

Andr’oda Taboris (dir. Viliam Poltikovič, 1990, Czech Republic)

Angela (dir. Botond Püsök, 2015, Hungary/Romania)

Bullying (dir. Vagelis Ioannoy, 2013, Greece)

Cséplő Gyuri (dir. Pál Schiffer, 1978, Hungary)

Das falsche Wort: Wiedergutmachung an Zigeunern (Sinti) in Deutschland? (dir. Katrin Seybol, Melanie Spitta, 1987, Germany)

Djangos Erben (dir. Suzan Sekerci, Nadja Frenz, 2008, Germany)

Flamenco, möte med spanska zigenare (‘Flamenco, encounters with Spanish Gypsies’, dir. Lennart Olson, 1962, Sweden)

From the Source to the Sea (dir. Louise “Pisla” Helmstetter, 1989, France)

Gelem, Gelem (dir. Monika Hielscher, Matthias Heeder, 1991, Germany)

Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven (dir. Emil Loteanu, 1976, Soviet Union)

Gypsy Ways (dir. Gerald Conn, Jeremy Roberts, 2010, UK)

Gyrbet. Wo ist Heimat (dir. Hamze Bytyci, 2007, Germany)

I Even Met Happy Gypsies (Aleksandar Petrovič, 1967, Serbia)

Katitzi (dir. Ulf Andrée, 1979/80, Sweden)

Kizzy (dir. David Tilley, 1976, UK)

Koportos (dir. Livia Gyarmathy, 1979, Hungary)

My Friend Fabian (dir. Jirí Weiss, 1953, Czechoslovakia)

My Way (dir. Mihai Catalin Cazacu, 2014, Romania)

Neverexisted Gipsyland (dir. Katalin Macskássy, 2010, Hungary)

No Place of Their Own (dir. Bob Entrop, 2007, The Netherlands)

Stin akri tis polis (‘On the Outskirts of the City’, dir. Nikos Anagnostopoulos, 1995, Greece)

Pélérinage des Saintes Maries de la Mer (1936, France)

Pretty Dyana (dir. Boris Mitić, 2004, Serbia)

Revision (dir. Philip Scheffner, 2012, Germany)

Roma Boulevard (dir. Sasa Barbul, 2007, Austria)

Roma Boys (dir. Rozálie Kohoutová, 2009, Czech Republic)

Samson the Traveller (dir. Lowri Rees, 2011, Norway)

Selita (dir. Elton Baxhaku, 2016, Albania)

Sinful Apostles of Love (dir. Dufunya Vishnevsky, Vladimir Dmitriyevsky, 1995, Russia/Soviet Union)

Sootenna (dir. Phillip Osborne, 2014, UK)

Tales from the Endless Road (dir. Katariina Lillqvist, 2002, Finland)

The District! (dir. Áron Gauder, 2004, Hungary)

The First Gypsy in Space (dir. Agneta Fagerström-Olsson, 2002, Sweden, Norway, Finland)

The Queen of Silence (dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka, 2014, Poland, Germany)

This Country Was Not Mine (dir. Katariina Lillqvist, 2008, Finland)

Toxic Fun (dir. Denis Mustafa, 2011, Kosovo)

Trial of a Child Denied (dir. Michelle Coomber, 2008, Czech Republic)

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