Chad Evans Wyatt is a portrait photographer working in the Washington, DC area since 1976. Born of musician parents who worked in the pre-Civil Rights Era movement, and growing up in New York and Paris, his career began in the portrayal of people in the arts. He has photographed five US presidents, and innumerable public and private figures.

He came to Prague in 1993 in search of family long-silent behind the Iron Curtain. His 101: Artists in the Czech Republic project began immediately, and continued through 2000, when major exhibitions were mounted in Washington, and Prague.

RomaRising arose out of the 101. Its world-première occurred in Brno at the Muzeum Romské Kultury. This one-country project soon expanded to others. To date, there are portraits from nine countries; RomaRising has been shown in full or in part 60 times, in 13 countries, on 2 continents. The work continues.