Sybil Lee is a Romany activist, campaigner and trainer from the UK. She has spent all her life living in a caravan with her family, and in fact still lives in a caravan on the same site her family has lived on for the past 30 years, living a traditional Romany lifestyle and like many other Romanies not gaining qualifications at school. She was the first young Romany from UK to attend conferences in Europe with FERYP (Forum for European Roma Young People). She has participated in numerous European conferences, seminars, events and training and spent 3 months working as an Intern in Budapest for the European Roma Rights Centre. Sybil is a prominent Romani activist, working with young Roma and their families in the UK. She delivers training in Cultural Diversity, Human Rights, Traveller Education and other subjects to statutory and non-statutory organisations and NGOs. She is a fully qualified Romed Mediator, and was a facilitator for the University of Lancaster’s Peer Project with young Gypsies and Travellers.