First World Exhibition of Romani Art


First World Exhibition of Romani Art

The very first Romani world exhibition was organized in 6-30 May 1985 at Conciergeire, Paris, France. The organizer was Sandra Jayat, a French Romani writer, poet and artist. Artworks from 30 Roma artists and a Romani artist group (Jihlava now Czech Republic) were displayed, as a tribute to Serge Poliakoff, János Balázs, Django Reinhardt.
Jayat, inspired by the first National Exhibition of Self-Taught Gypsy Painters, started to organize the World Exhibition of Romani art. The exhibition was a great success, it was one of the first milestones in the introduction and acknowledgement of the Roma Art in international context.
The exhibition was supported by the Cultural Ministry and the local government of Paris.

Krisztina Varga