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Ilona Makhotina and Kirill Kozhanov

Digital literature in Russia

Nowadays in Russia and in the countries of the former USSR Romani literature does not regularly appear in print, so Romani authors, both experienced and new ones, actively explore the internet.

For instance, Nikolay Vasilevsky, a Romani poet and writer from Kaliningrad, has created his own website; see In general ‘going digital’ is becoming increasingly popular among Romani authors.

Romani authors create profiles and communities in social networks. Their works are published on literary websites and blogs popular on the Russian Internet, such as and

Among those who make their works available online is Pyotr Demeter, a Romani musician, poet and playwright; his web representation is to be found under and

Eduard Rom-Mikhaylov is a Romani poet from St. Petersburg:

For Arman Tsybulsky, a Romani blogger and poet from Ukraine, see and

For Olga Ivanova-Bondar, head of a Transbaikal Romani organisation, see

The community ROMANE$$.RU ( offers various kinds of information about Romani writers and poets as well as publications of their works. Russian translations of Romani literature are also regularly published in this community.

Information on Romani literature and Romani writers can also be found on the websites run by the Федеральная Национально-Культурная Автономия Российских Цыган [Federal’naya Natsional’no-Kulturnaya Avtonomiya Rossiiskih Tsyigan (the Federal Romani National and Cultural Autonomy)]: http://цыганероссии.рф/category/ciganskaya-literatura/ and the International Society for Romani Cultural Studies (

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