Samuel (Sami) Mago was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1996 into a Romani family with Jewish roots on the maternal side. His older brother is Károly Mágó. Sami Mago is a writer, artist and Romani activist. Since 2000 he has lived in Vienna, Austria, where he currently studies transcultural communication at the University of Vienna and is involved in the Romano Centro (among other things, as a member of the editorial staff of the association’s magazine). He also works as a trainer for learning how to deal with antigypsyism and for ORF radio productions. In 2014 he won the speech competition ‘Sag’s multi’ with a speech on Roma, antigypsyism and tolerance. In 2015 he received the exil-jugend-literaturpreis (the literary prize for young people of the edition exil publisher in Vienna) and since then has been a member of the exil-autorInnenwerkstatt of edition exil. In 2016 he received the Roma Literature Prize of the Austrian PEN club. In 2017, together with his brother Károly, he published the volume of stories glücksmacher – e baxt romani.


Mago, Samuel. 2015. Zeuge der Freiheit. In: Stippinger, Christa: Preistexte 15: Anthologie. Das Buch zu den Exil-Literaturpreisen Schreiben zwischen den Kulturen. Wien: edition exil, 131-139.

Mago, Samuel; Mágó, Károly. 2017. glücksmacher – e baxt romani. kurzgeschichten aus der welt der roma. Wien: edition exil.