Christa Stippinger studied theatre studies and German language and literature in Vienna and has been awarded several prizes and scholarships for her literary work and publications. Since 1980 she has worked at the Spittelberg cultural and communication centre in the Amerlinghaus, Vienna. In collaboration with verein exil and zentrum exil, she organises programmes of intercultural events with Roma artists. From 1992 onwards, she led Holocaust education workshops with Auschwitz survivor Ceija Stojka and from 2001 has also been running workshops with Roma artists from Eastern Europe. These have a focus on contemporary music, reassessment of the Holocaust of Roma and Sinti and discrimination towards the Roma today.

She is founder and director of edition exil and the exil literature prizes and has published more than 50 books. These include: Ceija Stojka, Auschwitz ist mein Mantel, 2008;
Mircea Lăcătuş, rund um meine eltern eine burg / contruiam o cetate in jurul păinţilor mei, 2009; and glücksmacher – e baxt romani. kurzgeschichten aus der welt der roma by Samuel Mago and Károly Mágó, 2017.

Within the literature section at RomArchive, Stippinger is responsible for the presentation of selected passages of Roma authors from edition exil and describes her long-standing cooperation with Ceija Stojka.