Roland Korponovics was born in 1987 in Budapest, where he still lives and works. A 2016 graduate of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Intermedia Department, he was the recipient of an internship at the Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa in 2014. Korponovics works across a range of art forms, including visual and conceptual arts, photography, performance and video; and exhibits widely in the country. He has participated in group exhibitions and has performed at venues including Kunsthalle, Budapest (2011), Gallery8, Budapest (2013), Modem, Debrecen (2013) and Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art (2015, 2016). His first solo exhibition was in Rizsa Dwa Bar and Gallery (2011) followed by Juranyi Gallery (2015) and Rombusz Gallery (2016).

Exhibitions, Performances and Workshops

Roma Art exhibition – Magocs Community Center

New Media In Our Hands – exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest artists-in- central- europe
Subjective Atlas of Hungary – workshop, Kitchen, Budapest
9 Random Compositions – solo exhibition, Rizsa Dwa Bar and Gallery, Budapest 1
EuShorts International Short Film Festival, Moving District Workshop

Romaism: Reconstruction of the Roma Cultural History – exhibition, Gallery8, Budapest
Conceptualism Today – exhibition, Gallery of Paks
Risk Factors – exhibition, Modem (Modern and Contemporary Art Center), Debrecen
Intermedia 2.0: Foto(An)Archive – exhibition, Labor Gallery, Budapest

Change – exhibition, Labor Gallery, Budapest

Parcella – exhibition, Studio Gallery, Budapest
Do you love me? – performance, Studio Gallery, Budapest
Self Interpretations – exhibition, Studio Gallery, Budapest
Salon de Ref – exhibition, Labor Gallery, Budapest
Replay! Remix! Remake! – performance, TAT Gallery, Gray Box Projects , Budapest
The Diary of the Bartender at the Juranyi Suterene – solo exhibition, Jurányi Incubator House, Budapest
Roots & Routes Cologne Workshop – performance, Baltrum, Germany
Time Base – exhibition, New Budapest Gallery
Borders and Fences – exhibition, MüSzi, Budapest
Roland Barthes 100 – Pazmany Peter Catholic University – performance, Gray Box Projects

Sex, Love, Tenderness – performance, Gray Box Projects , Aurora, Budapest
Sex, Love, Tenderness – exhibition, Gray Box Projects , Aurora, Budapest
Passion. Fan Behaviour. Love. – performance, Gray Box Projects , Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
The Last Blossom of Narcissus – solo exhibition , Rombusz Gallery, Budapest
Mapping the Local – exhibition, Telep Gallery, Budapest

I feel that we only need to take care of each other and everything will be alright
– exhibition, Labor Gallery, Budapest

Source: the artist