Hristo Slavov Kyuchukov (Christo Slavov Kütchukov, Христо Славов Кючуков [Hristo Slavov Kyuchukov) is a Bulgarian Muslim Rom who was born in the town of Provadia in 1962. He is a professor and leading specialist in the field of the education of Romani children and the Romani language. His publications are mainly academic and research-related, covering the topics of bilingualism, the education of Romani and Turkish children in Europe, language acquisition, psycho- and sociolinguistics, languages in contact, the Romani Holocaust and antigypsyism in Europe.

As writer and editor, Kyuchukov has contributed to the production of many books and educational materials supporting the education of Romani children. The most important of those works are the Romani-language learning materials series ‘Amari Romani Lumja’, which, published in Bulgaria, includes portrayals of Romani writers from around the world), as well as the US-published English-language books My name was Hussein (2004) and A History of the Romani People, which was co-authored by Ian Hancock.

In 1995 Kyuchukov established the Balkan Foundation for Cross-cultural Education and Understanding ‘Diversity’, which for the next two decades was one of the main authors and publishers of books by Romani writers and for Romani children in Bulgaria.
He has also been involved in Romani activism at the national and international level and from 2000 to 2004 was the general-secretary of the IRU.

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