Gadjo / Das / Gor - "non-Rom"
gadje (m., Pl.), gadji (f., Sg.)

"Gadjo" (in Vlach dialects: "gadžo" or "gažo"), "Das" and "Gor" are the most common denominations for non-Roma and form pairs of opposites with "Rom / Ḍom / L(l)om".

It is assumed that Gadžo derives from the old-Indian "gārhya" ("domestic") and means, besides non-Rom, also farmer, villager, head of the house and husband. It is the most used term and known also by many non-Roma. "Das" (in particular Balkan Romani dialects) derives from the old-Indian "Dāsa" (slave) and corresponds to the Hindi denomination "Dās". "Gor" is used in some Romani variants of the central dialect group (e.g.: Vend Romani).

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