Roma und Travellers : Identitäten im Wandel. Mit einem Vorwort von Karl-Markus Gauß

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Shortly after the death of the Yenish writer Romed (Romedius) Mungenast on 26 February 2006, Sieglinde Schauer-Glatz wrote the poem ‘Goodbye’ in memory of the late poet and civil rights activist.

The first stanza captures the tragedy of the process of dying: death appears as salvation to the one who has just experienced it. The second stanza is characterised by the intimacy of the dialogue between an ‘I’ and a ‘you’. While establishing the ‘you’ as Yenish, the deceased has helped the individual ‘I’ to find the courage to face what nobody wants to talk about, what has to remain hidden – the secret of descent. His commitment to help the weak is praised, too.

The end of the third stanza creates a climax to the poem by mentioning the name of the deceased, ‘Romed’. In the last stanza, the reference to the infinity of love reinforces the imagery of the first stanza: death is leading the way to the ‘eternal day’. Referring to the community of the Yenish, a ‘we’ appears, exclaiming gratitude in Yenish: ‘Grandig Gwant’.

Source: Eder-Jordan, Beate. »›Imagining it otherwise‹. Der (un)sichtbare Paradigmenwechsel im Bereich der Romani-Literaturen und -Kulturen«. In: Erika Thurner/Elisabeth Hussl/Beate Eder-Jordan (Hg.). Roma und Travellers. Identitäten im Wandel. Mit einem Vorwort von Karl-Markus Gauß. Innsbruck: innsbruck university press 2015, pp. 94–95. (Online: =

Beate Eder-Jordan (2018)


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