Professor Mozes F. Heinschink has been engaged in the study of Romani language and culture since 1959. During fieldwork that focussed especially on Central and Eastern Europe, Balkan countries and Turkey he created one of the worldwide largest collections of sound recordings of Romani language, oral tradition and music. (The Heinschink Collection is archived in the Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna). He is a founding member of Romano Centro, Vienna, and has cooperated in numerous research projects, workshops, language courses and summer schools.

Mozes F. Heinschink has published teaching materials for Romani as well as books and papers on various varieties of the Romani language and on Roma culture, and has held teaching positions for Romani at the Universities of Innsbruck and Graz. He was a political observer for OSCE in Kosovo and has worked (and still does) as a translator into Romani for several (international) organisations, exhibitions and research projects such as the Soros Foundation, Romano Centro, QualiRom and Romane Thana (Vienna). In 2016 he was appointed interpreter for Romani at the St. Anna children’s hospital in Vienna.

He has contributed information on various storytellers to RomArchive, provided assistance with clearing of rights and translated texts of the literature team into Romani.