Miranda Vuolasranta is president of the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF), but her involvement with Roma started 40 years ago in Sweden. In 1970’s she moved to Sweden after education. She was told you have two possibilities; to abandon your Romani identity, get educated and find a job. Or it will be difficult for you to find a place in the Finnish society as a Romani woman. She became a teacher of Romani language, she also became active on Roma related issues as part of working group (Invandrarvärket, Romska arbetsgrup) dealing with immigration, as Finnish Roma were categorized as migrants. Miranda remembers it was Aleka Stobin who guided her to Roma politics. Miranda was also a member of a Finnish Roma association in Sweden (Södertälje Romernas förening). In the mid 80’s she moved back to Finland, working on Roma issues, writing articles and broadcasting about the discrimination and stigmatization of Roma. At the end of 80’s she started to work for Romano Missio. In 1989, Miranda started to act in the National Advisory Board on Romani Affairs as a representative of Romano Missio.

In 1995 Miranda prepared teaching materials for Romani language to be used to teach Romani language at schools. In 1997 Miranda started to work as a planning officer for the Romani Advisory Board and in 1998 she became secretary general of Romani Advisory Board at the Ministry of social affairs and health, the first Roma in that position. During 2002-2006 Miranda worked as a special adviser on Roma Related Issues at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. In 2008 – 2012 she was back in Finland and worked as an executive director of the National Roma Forum of Finland, after which she worked for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and as a policy officer at the European Commission, General Directorate of Justice in Brussels. She was awarded a Human Rights Fighter award by Finnish Human Rights League in 2002, promoting rights of Roma women (since 2004 she has been a vice president of International Roma Women Network). In 2007 Miranda Vuolasranta was awarded with a Golden Wheel Cross award for work for Roma Human Rights, by the International Romani Union.