Károly Mágó, the older brother of Samuel Mago, was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1981. He studied communication in Budapest, worked for the ‘Rádió C’ Romani radio station and was a moderator for the ‘Roma’ magazine, broadcast by the Hungarian public television (MTV). He was editor of the Hungarian daily newspaper ‘Népszava’ and at the Hungarian news programme ‘Tények’ broadcast by the private channel TV2, where he worked for almost ten years and was named ‘Reporter of the Year’ in 2011.
Mágó taught at the Center for Independent Journalism in Budapest and volunteered for Roma youth projects. He wrote, together with his brother Samuel, the volume of stories glücksmacher – e baxt romani that was published by edition exil in Vienna in 2017. He works for the Hungary’s most widely read online news portal.
Károly Mágó lives in Budapest with his wife and daughter.


Mago, Samuel; Mágó, Károly. 2017. glücksmacher – e baxt romani. kurzgeschichten aus der welt der roma. Wien: edition exil.