He was born in Bedő on May 26, 1939. Choli is a writer, a poet, a translator, a teacher, a folk educator, a journalist, a political actor, and an outstanding figure of the Roma intellectuals in Hungary.

He started primary school in a Romanian-language class, and after the second year he transferred to the Hungarian language class. He left Bedő in his teens together with his sister together and started to work at the State Construction Companies. Meanwhile he attended evening classes and his primary and secondary school studies. His literary talent was discovered during these years.

In 1975 he became the member of the Hungarian Writers’ Association and of the National Association of Hungarian Journalists. He was the editor of several journals: Romano Nyevipe, Amaro Drom and Rom Som. His publications and poems appeared in both Romani and Hungarian languages. He wrote a Romani-Hungarian dictionary and a Lovari language book. He was the first who translated the New Testament part of the Bible into Romani language. From 1972 he worked as a non-qualified teacher.

Later, he acquired a degree in education and became a certified teacher. He got a degree as a community organizer too and became the cultural director of the workers’ residence in Csavargyár street. In the meantime, he held many leading positions like the Head of the National Gypsy Council from1985-86, the Executive Secretary of the Cultural Association of Hungarian Gypsies from1987-88. Afterwards he became the Secretary of the Roma Coordination Committee of the 10th District.

After the democratic changes he became the president of the 10th district Roma Self-Government. The returned to teaching in 1994 and worked as a senior lecturer at the Apor Vilmos College in Zsámbék where she taught Romology, including Romani language and history. He retired from here but he stayed actively involved in the cultural and political life of the Roma.