Gejza Horváth (born in 1948) is a prominent composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, writer and mentor to other Roma in the Czech Republic. Like most Czech Roma of his generation, he was born in Slovakia and moved to the Czech part of what was then Czechoslovakia for work-related reasons.

He settled in Brno and started a family with his wife, a Romani teacher. They raised two children – their daughter is a psychologist and their son a heart surgeon. One of his grandchildren is a physician too. Horváth and his family have been consistently and actively involved in the Romani community, giving up their time to numerous educational and other projects. These real-life involvements are reflected in Horváth’s song texts, many of which are inspired by collective Romani interests.

Horváth developed his musical career while employed as a manual labourer. In Brno, he played with Romani ensembles, eventually becoming a professional musician, a newspaper editor, the author of short stories and the owner of a musical instrument shop.

He has toured in a number of countries, and his music is widely disseminated by other Romani performers. Through his texts – both musical and literary – Horváth gives expression to the Czech Romani conscience, honouring traditions while supporting social progress.