Bennie Åkerfeldt is a Swedish Resande-Rom born in 1952. He is an author, an educator, a lecturer and a storyteller. As an educator he has lectured about Roma and Travellers in Sweden and Europe since more than a decade by 2017. He has written on Roma issues and toured with different performances, up to date four different ones, about Roma and Travellers. With one of them, Resandeblod, he has toured in Sweden and Norway.

Bennie Åkerfeldt has written 20 books, four about Roma and Travellers, all published by Förlagstryckeriet Vitterleken.

(Bengt O Björklund)

Works (about Roma and Travellers)

Åkerfeldt, Bennie. 2008. Buron kallar oss tattare [The Gaje call us tattare]. Mörrüm: Förlagstryckeriet Vitterleken

Åkerfeldt, Bennie. 2012. Romer – det ansiktslösa folket i Europa [Roma in Europe]. Mörrüm: Förlagstryckeriet Vitterleken.

Åkerfeldt, Bennie. 2013. Romer och resande i Sverige [Roma and Travellers in Sweden]. Mörrüm: Förlagstryckeriet Vitterleken.

Åkerfeldt, Bennie. 2015. Bussresan – ett intermezzo i Rumänien [The bus trip – an intermezzo in Romania]. Mörrüm: Förlagstryckeriet Vitterleken.