Fred Taikon is a Swedish Roma activist. He is the chairman of the È Romani Glinda organisation, a national Roma organisation working for all Roma, chief editor of the È Romani Glinda, a magazine with the same name, published bimonthly, and chief editor of ERG publishing.
Fred Taikon is also a writer of children’s stories and has published two books about his childhood days in Tanto in Stockholm in the 1950ies.
Fred regularly gives speeches and lectures on Roma issues, Roma literature and human rights. He is often contacted as an advisor for government agencies and other public institutions for his keen knowledge of the situation of Roma, not only in Sweden but all over Europe. Together with ten other Roma, Fred sued the Swedish government for an illegal police registry and won the case in two instances. More than 4000 Roma were each compensated with 3000 euro, one of the biggest compensations ever paid in Sweden.

Fred Taikon is team member for Sweden in the literature section of RomArchive.