Attila Szanto was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 1985, and is now a leading dancer and choreographer. Claiming that he felt music in his body from a very young age, he first started dancing when he was three years old. His formal dance training commenced at the age of six, and four years later he started working and performing publicly, joining several dance groups in the community.

When he turned fourteen he began an ongoing relationship with the RomaFest group. Later he became a professional choreographer and participated in several international festivals all over the world. He has travelled widely in Europe, Asia and Canada.

In 2007, he was sought out by the renowned Cirque du Soleil, which offered him a five-year contract; during this time he became a specialist in body percussion and Roma (‘Gypsy’) dance.

After the contract concluded in 2012, he returned to Romania and now leads the RomaFest group, which tours the world. The group is popular in Japan and has a special relationship with the country, returning regularly to perform there. RomaFest organises a number of festivals, educational classes and dance ‘camps’, working closely with the Roma community in Romania.