Writer, poet, journalist. He was born into a poor Roma family as the seventh, youngest child in 1956, Szikszó. One year after his birth, he became disabled which was caused by polio. He spent most of his time in a special school for physically disabled children in Nagybarca and lived in a dormitory. He got a high school degree and got accepted to the Eötvös Lóránd University where he studied Hungarian Literature and Library studies and later Greek Catholic Theology.

From 1975 he worked in Miskolc as a therapist and later he was a librarian in the Miskolc City Library. After the democratic changes, he worked for the Amaro Drom journal and in 1994 he founded his own journal called: Cigányfúró and became its editor-in-chief. The Journal was closed in 1998 due to the lack of financial support. Afterwards Attila Balogh worked for Radio C (the first Roma Radio in Hungary) and returned to work for Amaro Drom. He is currently a freelance writer publishing in various weekly and monthly journals. He’s been continuously publishing his literary works for which he received some special awards. (Alternatív József Attila-díj/Alternative Attila József Award – which was founded by several Hungarian literary organizations in 2013 to protest the national literary award; Polgárjogi-díj/Civil-rights Award from the Roma Civil Rights Foundation).