Invisible Gypsy

Invisible Gypsy

Srđan Arsenijević | Invisible Gypsy | Fiction | Serbia | 2010 | the_01032


Invisible Gypsy is a heartwarming story of a Roma family and the relations within their value system. The family has by chance, through a witness report, came to the courtroom to explain to the court and jury why they abused the bear Bach, a representative of the animal species, by forcing it to perform to the music they play, thereby entertaining people. The indictment is thrown out, the judge frees the family, and everyone happily celebrates the beauty of life. On the stage are musicians in the role of a jury, judges, actors representing the family and a bear – an actress who plays the poetized idea of the bear.

The idea behind the opera is, on the one hand, the legally invisible people, who are automatically not in a position to establish or uphold their rights, and, on the other hand, mimicral Roma who, simply out of fear, will never say that they are Roma. Invisible Gypsy uses the bear Bach, who is already protected by law, but by this invisible criminal law in which the personification of the Roma is put in the position of the bear, to create a universal motif of the suffering of the innocent. Just as the Roma culture is an object of entertainment for the vulgar elite, as can be seen in the bars in their behaviour towards the Roma musicians, so we see the Roma leading the bear through the villages to earn a living. That vulgarization is the basis of the opera Invisible Gypsy.

Anđelija Tanasijević (2018-01-05)


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