Kris derives from the Greek term "krisi" (judgement) and denotes the traditional jurisdiction of the Vlach-Roma and in particular of the Kalderaš. There were or still are similar institutions within different groupings but these institutions have never achieved a similar relevance. It happens that certain groups adapt the jurisdiction of the Kalderaš and anchor it into their own traditional socio-culture. A kris with the Kalderaš used to represent the court, collective wisdom and social consciousness simultaneously; as a high legal and moral authority it was/is an important control organ over all areas of life. The preconditions for a judge in a kris – krisari, krisatoré or krisnitori – are male gender, rich life experience, to be appreciated within the group, to have an impartial attitude, and a detailed knowledge of the customs and traditions. Women were/are heard in a kris only if directly involved in a conflict as testimony or as the accused.

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