Djurdjevdan / Herdelezi
Christian: Djurdjevdan, Gjergjuvden - "St. George's Day" / Muslim: Herdelezi.

The celebration in honor of Saint George is one of the most important holidays for the Roma in the Southern Balkans area. It is one of the rare holidays to be celebrated by both Muslim and Christian Orthodox Roma. In the Orthodox church year, St. George's Day falls on the 6th of May, but the festivities may begin earlier and last longer than a day. The Muslim counterpart, Herdelezi, derives from the Turk name hıdrelez, which is a blending of Hızır and Elias. According to legend, a meeting between the popular patron Saint Hızır (Arabian: el khadr – "the green one") and the prophet Elijah in the 9th century was at the origin of this once very popular Turkish spring celebration.

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