Valerică Stănescu was born in Kraineaka, Transdniestria (at the time part of the USSR) on 6 October 1942. On his identity card, his year of birth is given as 1944. This is not, however, the actual year in which he was born but rather the year in which his family returned to Romania from Transnistria, to where they had been forcefully deported under the Nazi regime in Romania together with thousands of other Romani families. Because of the Holocaust against Roma and their forced deportation to Transnistria, his birth was officially registered only in 1944, when his family returned to Romania. Later, Valerică Stănescu successfully fought for the legal recognition of his real date of birth (1942).

After graduating from high school, Stănescu started working as a coppersmith, employing traditional Romani crafts in his professional metalwork. His writings include novels, poems and a collection of traditional Romani folklore (2012). In addition, he is a Pentecostal minister.


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