Ruždija Ru(s)so Sejdović is a poet, dramaturge, translator and activist who was born into a Čergarja family in the Ubli settlement near Podgorica, in the then Yugoslav Socialist Republic of Montenegro in 1966. In 1989, he emigrated to Germany where he co-founded the Romani Archive and Library of the Rom. e.V. organisation in Cologne.

His first own poetry collection was published in 1988 in Romani and Serbo-Croatian. While living in emigration in Germany, he continues publishing, editing and translating.

Apart from poetry and prose, Sejdović has written together with Jovan Nikolić the stage play Kosovo mon amour, which, subtitled a ‘war tragicomedy’, tells the fate of a Romani family trying to escape to Western Europe from Kosovo in 1999.

The play was directed by Rahim Burhan and staged by Theater Pralipe in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Later it was published in various language editions.

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