Robert Gabris is a visual artist living and working in Vienna whose works include installations, fineliner sketches, print, photography, animation, performance and conceptual art. He was born in Hnusta, Slovakia, in 1986, then studied stage and costume design under Hana Ciganova at the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava (2006–2010) and took an MA in stage design from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, where he was taught by Professor Erich Wonder, Nicole Timm and Anna Viebrock (2010–2014).

Since 2013, Gabris has been exhibiting and working in residencies across the globe. His art comments on subject matter such as the perception of reality, the importance of our memories, personal and national histories and cultural identities. Gabris’ techniques strongly rely on explorations using associations of words, sounds and pictorial representations, by means of which he explores everyday life and social-political issues, often inspired by his own personal background and the natural world surrounding us. The focus on minor visual details, a frequent use of biological accuracy and repetition are regular elements of his art, creating a delicate, fragile and dark visual world. Gabris’ works such as Romadorf [Roma Villlage] 2012, Das Blaue Herz [The Blue Heart] 2014 and Food For Everyone 2016 often challenge the discrimination, social injustice and negative prejudices that Roma people, ethnic or sexual minorities and immigrants have to face.


Abbilder – solo exhibition, Amerlinghaus, Vienna

Cigan Mucha – Jaw Dikh, JCC Galerie, Cracow
Kunstasyl – Semperdepot, Vienna
Family, Have a Look into my Life – Fnast, Paris
Self-portrait – AMG Gallery, Vienna
Family, Have a Look into my Life – Graz Museum
Portrait with 2 Birds – Europe exhibition at Graz fair
Family, Have a Look into my Life – Strasbourg
Death – graduation show, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

梦 ∙ The Dream – solo exhibition, Collective by Pure, Shanghai
We are all looking for Astronauts – WE Art HUB, Shanghai
I songi che Volano – Data Gallery, Urbino
Family, Have a Look into my Life – Bucharest
The Blue Heart / Romane Thana – Wien Museum, Vienna

Food for everyone – Kali Berga, Ksiegarnia Wystawa, Cracow
Two portraits in etching – auction piece, Bildraum 7, Vienna
13 portraits for human rights – solo exhibition, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Vienna
Lucky Pattern / Luxury War – Gallery Halb7, Vienna
Premio Combat Prize – Museo G. Fattori, Livorno
Lucky Pattern / Marketplace of Ideas – interactive installation, Vienna
The Blue Heart / Romane Thana – Landesgalerie Eisenstadt
Herzblut – solo exhibition, Akademie Graz
The Blue Heart / Ghosts of the Civil Dead – Gallery Tranzit, Bratislava
Spettacolo Barocco – interactive installation, cooperation with Kaj Delugan, Theatermuseum Vienna

The Blue Heart – Vorarlberg Museum, Bregenz
Drawing from the future – Salon für Kunstbuch im 21er Haus, Vienna


Gallery8, Budapest
Örnsköldsvik, Schweden

Jaw Dikh, Czarna Gora

Swatch art peace hotel in Shanghai
International art Colony in Trebinje

Copper engraving in the Stamperia d’arte Albicocco, Udine
Jjaw Dikh, Czarna Gora

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