Marianne Zwicker, Ph.D. is an instructor in modern languages at the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. She was a language program coordinator at New York University’s Deutsches Haus for five years, where she taught all levels of German as well as special topic courses. Previously, she spent two years as an ACLS Public Fellow at the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund. In 2011, she held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. She was awarded a PhD in German literature at the University of Edinburgh in 2010 for her dissertation Journeys into Memory: Romani Identity and the Holocaust in Autobiographical Writing by German and Austrian Romanies (download: She has published articles on the topic of Romani writing in Germany and Austria in journals such as Austrian Studies and Etudes Tsiganes.

Marianne Zwicker is the team member for Germany in the literature section of RomArchive.