Dr Lorely French is Professor of German at Pacific University and the author of Roma Voices in the German-Speaking World (2015). Her articles include: ‘“If we didn’t have this story, we would not have this day”: Roma “Gypsy” Stories as Sustenance in Difficult Life States’ (2014); ‘How to Cook a Hedgehog: Ceija Stojka and Romani (“Gypsy”) Cultural Identity Through the Culinary Literary Arts’ (2010); ‘LIVE-DANCE-PAINT-WRITE: A Multi-Media Project on Romani (“Gypsy”) Artist, Writer, Singer, and Educator Ceija Stojka’ (2010), and ‘An Austrian Roma Family Remembers: Trauma and Gender in Autobiographies by Ceija, Karl, and Mongo Stojka’ (2008).

In 2009 she co-organized, with Dr Michaela Grobbel, the first exhibit of Ceija Stojka’s artworks in the U.S.

Lorely Frenchis team member in the literature section of RomArchive for the presentation of Romani Literature in Austria, the U.S., and Canada and of the literary work by Ceija Stojka.