Ljatif Mefaileskoro Demir was born to an Arli Romani family in the Topaana settlement (Topaana mahalla) of Skopje (Macedonia) in 1961. He holds an MA in literature and a PhD in literature, culture and film studies. He is the author of several books of fiction (including collections of poetry and children’s stories) and a number of books and articles on Romani language, culture, education and history.

Demir began his career working for various Macedonian media as a journalist for Romani-language TV programmes and broadcasts. Later he was involved in teaching the Romani language to adults and children as well as taking part in various other activities in Romani education from both a practical and policy point of view.

Ljatif Demir is one of the most prominent Macedonian Romani writers and activists networking both in the region and worldwide. He takes part in the literary and publishing activities of the Roma in all the former Yugoslav republics and is an expert member of national Romani committees and a founding member of the International Romani Writers Association.

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