Katharina Janoska, BA, MA, born in Eisenstadt, Austria in 1988, studied comparative literature and philosophy at the University of Vienna. In 2013, she established the publishing house Bu&Bu Verlag (https://www.buundbu-verlag.at/), based in Austria’s Burgenland. Katharina Janoska is an author, publisher and, since 2015, has presented the TV programme ‘Servus, Szia, Zdravo, Del tuha’ for ORF, the Austrian national public service broadcaster. She also works as an editor on Burgenland’s regional television news. Her book Literatur von und über Roma. Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten was published in 2015 by edition lex liszt 12 and in 2018, the book Der Rebstock was nominated for the Burgenland Book Prize in the non-fiction category.

Katharina Janoska wrote the article ‘But all of this has nothing to do with us’. Experiences with literature by and about Roma for RomArchive’s literature section.