Christiane Fennesz-Juhasz, Dr. phil., is an ethnomusicologist, sound archivist and curator of music holdings and collections of Romani culture at the Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences – a research sound and audiovisual archive, founded in 1899, that houses unique recordings collected during fieldwork in various regions of the world. Since 1990, Christiane Fennesz-Juhasz has dealt with Romani music and oral tradition on the basis of archival holdings and her own fieldwork. Her publications on the topic include papers, annotated anthologies and CD editions.

For RomArchive she selected, edited and annotated sound recordings from the Phonogrammarchiv that feature Romani (oral) literature from various countries. Partly in conjunction with colleagues from the Phonogrammarchiv, she also assisted members of RomArchive’s literature team in digitising, editing and cataloguing print and audio materials.