Dr. Christa Baumberger is a literary scholar, cultural commentator, curator, managing director of Litar – Foundation for Literature and Translation and Head of Literature at the Aargauer Kuratorium in Switzerland. She is also director of the project ‘Travelling Literature – Sinti, Roma and Yenish Literature Days’ (2018–19).

Until 2018 she worked as a research assistant at the Literary Archives of the Swiss National Library in Bern, where she was curator of the bequests and archives of Mariella Mehr, Aglaja Veteranyi, Robert Walser, Friedrich Glauser and others. She also led a comprehensive indexing and research project on the archive of Mariella Mehr between 2014 and 2017. She is co-editor of the volume of texts, interviews and photos, Mariella Mehr. Widerworte. Geschichten, Gedichte, Reden, Reportagen, (Limmat Verlag Zurich, 2017), and editor of the prose works of Emmy Hennings, published by Wallstein Verlag.

Christa Baumberger presents the literary work of Mariella Mehr for RomArchive.