Boris T. Matić was born in Doboj (now part of Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1966. Since completing his studies in psychology and journalism he has been involved with the visual arts, marketing, event production and design. In cooperation with other authors he has received several Croatian and foreign awards for his work. He is the founder, director and co-owner of the Motovun Film Festival and was its first director. In 2003 he founded the Zagreb Film Festival, which he continues to direct, and in connection with this commitment he started running the city’s Europa cinema in 2008.

Matić won two Golden Arena awards for best film at the Pula Film Festival. He has also been recognised with honorary plaques in the town of Motovun and the city of Zagreb. He is a member of the European Film Academy, the Croatian Association of Producers and the Croatian Society of Film Workers.

Filmography / Awards

2017 The Avalanche (co-producer)
2016 Zvir (short) (producer)
2016 Orah (short) (producer)
2015 Life Is a Trumpet (producer)
2015 Zagreb Stories Vol. 3 (producer)
2014 Of Hockey and Bears, documentary (producer)
2014 Monument to Michael Jackson (co-producer)
2014 The Judgment (co-producer)
2013 Adria Blues (co-producer)
2013 Od danas do sutra, short film (producer)
2013/II The Son, short film (producer)
2013 Circles (producer)
2012 Zagreb Stories Vol. 2 (producer)
2012 Squared, short film (producer)
2010 The Canal, short documentary
2010 Mila trazi Senidu, documentary (producer)
2010 Yellow Moon, short film (producer)
2009 Recikliranje, short film (producer)
2009 Donkey (producer)
2009 Zagreb Stories (producer)
2009 Ciao mama, short film (producer)
2008 Buick Riviera (producer)
2007 Ulica grafita, documentary (producer)
2006 Sve dzaba (All for Free) (producer), awarded a Big Golden Arena for Best Movie at Pula Film Festival
2006 The Border Post (producer)
2005 Gravehopping (co-producer)
2004 Sex, drink and bloodshed (producer)
2003 The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed (producer)
2001 Novo, novo vrijeme, documentary (producer)
1997 Mondo Bobo (producer), awarded a Big Golden Arena at Pula Film Festival