Emese Benkö was born in 1977 in Siebenbürgen (Romania). She has a degree in German language and literature and works freelance as a curator, mentor and project manager of art and cultural projects in Berlin and Budapest. She is the co-founder of the cultural-political initiative The Roma Image Studio.

Selection of exhibitions, art and culture projects in collaboration with André J. Raatzsch:
If not now / Wenn nicht jetzt – solidarity with Romani people and claim for equal rights. Lectures and presentations on the self-representation of contemporary Romani visual arts, Trafó Gallery in Budapest;
2011 New Media In Our Hand, Romani New Media Artists in Central-Europe, Budapest;
2012 Reclaiming Identity, Romale! 12, Graz;
2013 curatorial management and academic contribution to ‘The Roma Image Studio’ as part of ROMANISTAN. Crossing Spaces in Europe, Gallery Saalbau Neukölln, Berlin;
2013 Roma Renaissance – an artistic manifesto, Galerie Kai Dikhas.