Korkorripe hamime čerćimasa

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The short story ‘Korkorripe hamime čerćimasa’ [Loneliness blended with bitterness], published in various editions is representative for the entire literary oeuvre of Alija Krasnići, which amounts to more than 90 books (as of 2017).

Centred around the life of Roma who are usually members of the same family, the story examines the problems faced by Roma throughout their life – extreme poverty and worries about literally putting bread on the table and about being rejected and left to one’s own fate. At the same time, it describes the tender love and devotion to one’s nearest and dearest, especially children and grandchildren.

Krasnići’s short stories deal with contemporary topics focused on Roma. The axis of the stories’ universe is the life of Roma in the mahala. This universe is described through vivid dialogues and the inner-world thoughts of the main characters, which merge with the narrator’s voice. The extreme poverty of material life is contrasted with the richness of the Romani soul. The longing and struggle for a better tomorrow is never abandoned by the Roma; but, as is often the case in Romani beliefs and folklore, the main source of hope and reliance remains God´s will.

The typed manuscript was provided by the writer in 2017.


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