Agneta Fagerström Olsson is a Swedish director, producer and scriptwriter, who was born in Tullinge, Sweden in 1948. She attended the University of Uppsala where she studied literature, drama and theatre, and later went on to continue her studies at the Swedish Film Academy.
During her childhood in the suburbs of Sweden, most residents from the neighborhood worked at the nearby AB Separator factory, in the area commonly known as Seppan. The factory attracted workers from Finland, Poland, Russia, Hungary and Germany.
The international environment of the factory had an enriching influence on Fagerström Olsson, and it became the source material for her TV movie titled »Seppan« (1986), which served as a symbol of multiculturalism in Sweden. In 1987, the film won the first prize at the Women’s Film Festival in Créteil, France.
Agneta Fagerström Olsson has been involved in more than 17 different TV and film productions. Among the most significant movies are »Hammarkullen« (1997), »Seppan« (1986) and »Järnets Änglar« (2007). The first movies and TV shows with her participation include »Hjälten« (1990) and »Vi Ses I Krakow« (1992). Her most recent projects were »Den Röda Vargen« (2012), »Studio Sex« (2012) and »Prime Time« (2012).